Sleepy + Bruschetta Recipe

Very, very tired.

Decided I would post a recipe. Went to the zoo so I can knock that off my list. But I have been cooking a lot.

-3 plum tomatoes
-fresh basil
-1 loaf of whole wheat bread

1. Cut up the tomatoes. I don’t remove the skin, as I have seen other recipes call for, but I dice everything up as tiny as possible. I feel it gives more surface area for the tomatoes to absorb the taste of all the other ingredients.
2. Chopped tomatoes are placed in a bowl. I drench the tomatoes in oil and vinegar. Yes, drench! I mix in some oregano—-1-2 tablespoons, as to your liking. Place in the refrigerator to cool.
3. Preheat the oven at 400 F. Slice bread up at a 45 degree angle. I use whole wheat for a healthier option. Place bread in a single layer on a tray. Drizzle oil on the top of each piece and add a pinch of oregano.
4. After five minutes, take the bread out of the oven. Add bruschetta to bread and add a piece of fresh basil to the top of each slice. Enjoy!

❤ Christine Sakariasen


4 Responses to “Sleepy + Bruschetta Recipe”

  1. Yum. I love bruschetta, and the fresh basil is a huge plus, but in a pinch I have used dried and it is still delish.

  2. Using it dried is a good alternative if you do not have fresh basil available. My palate prefers it fresh. 😉

  3. I just like simple and good recipes like this one =)

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