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Busy, Busy

Posted in exploration, germany, leipzig with tags , , on December 11, 2010 by Christine Sakariasen

Been running around town a lot. Trying to get things settled. Trying to get things figured out. Trying to have some fun, since I don’t know how much longer I will stay here.

Don’t know why but I’ve been playing cards a lot lately. Just for fun. I’m not that great though. Oh well.

It’s cold. Crazy stuff happening in England.



Posted in exploration, germany, leipzig with tags , , , , on November 21, 2010 by Christine Sakariasen

Wow! I have not posted in awhile. I have been somewhat busy and somewhat lazy about posting here.

I’ve just been trying to figure out my next move. Not sure if I will stay here for much longer. This definitely doesn’t feel like home. Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t. I’m not sure how much longer I’d be willing to stay here to figure that out.

But I do love ice cream. In fact, I think I’ll eat some right now. I actually wrote this hours ago but I decided to let this post here at a random hour. (Trying out the post date feature on WordPress.)


Acting Like a Tourist

Posted in exploration, germany, leipzig with tags , , , , , , on November 1, 2010 by Christine Sakariasen

I guess for all intents and purposes I still consider myself kind of a tourist because I don’t intend on staying here long-term. Oh well.

I visited St. Thomas Church (Thomaskirche) here in Leipzig. I’m not super religious but I still appreciate churches aesthetically. This one is quite gorgeous. Bach was the choirmaster there for many years and it is his final resting place. I absolutely love the stain glass windows; they are beautifully done. I highly recommend you check it out if you’re ever in Leipzig. For more information, check out this link here:

We also visited Dresden for a bit and I’m sorry we didn’t get to stay longer. I’m pretty sleepy right now and I need to work soon so I’m going to post more about that later.

auf wiedersehen
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Sleepy + Bruschetta Recipe

Posted in recipe with tags , , , , , , , on October 24, 2010 by Christine Sakariasen

Very, very tired.

Decided I would post a recipe. Went to the zoo so I can knock that off my list. But I have been cooking a lot.

-3 plum tomatoes
-fresh basil
-1 loaf of whole wheat bread

1. Cut up the tomatoes. I don’t remove the skin, as I have seen other recipes call for, but I dice everything up as tiny as possible. I feel it gives more surface area for the tomatoes to absorb the taste of all the other ingredients.
2. Chopped tomatoes are placed in a bowl. I drench the tomatoes in oil and vinegar. Yes, drench! I mix in some oregano—-1-2 tablespoons, as to your liking. Place in the refrigerator to cool.
3. Preheat the oven at 400 F. Slice bread up at a 45 degree angle. I use whole wheat for a healthier option. Place bread in a single layer on a tray. Drizzle oil on the top of each piece and add a pinch of oregano.
4. After five minutes, take the bread out of the oven. Add bruschetta to bread and add a piece of fresh basil to the top of each slice. Enjoy!

❤ Christine Sakariasen